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My Hours is a time reporting app that helps you and your team to track time and report effortlessly. Generate detailed time reports in a pleasing visual format, that can be downloaded or exported. With My Hours reporting time means saving time.


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Start tracking time on different projects and tasks you created. Our time reporting app lets you generate time reports by using any time scope needed. Group your activity reports by project, task, team member or client to get the fast insight visual report. Data can be further examined with different filters and by using funnels that isolate specific data.

Reports help you pinpoint the projects or tasks that consume too much time and therefore demand your attention. By managing your time according to your reports, you can boost the productivity of your company or focus on spending your time more efficiently.

Time reporting app activity report



Show your clients exactly where their money is going. Explain how they are billed by exporting reports or using My Hours invoicing system.

  1. Create an invoice by simply expanding the Report column and than click Uninvoiced.
  2. Next you tick off the clients or projects you want to invoice (before selecting project or clients, a warning sign may remind you that pre-specified time logs need to be approved by the administrator).
  3. When you are satisfied with your selection navigate to the Invoice selected button
  4. Next you can change the properties of the invoice while it’s still in a draft status.
  5. Lastly you can print or generate a PDF file by clicking on the print button.

My Hours time reporting app invoicing



Produce clear, easy to read and informative time reports and determine what projects or tasks need your attention most, with our time reporting system.

The dashboard is divided into Totals (shows how much time was used in total, billable and non-billable time, total billable amount and more in the specified time period) and Structure (shows you the exact percentage of total time used by specific projects, tasks, clients and team members).

Time reporting app dashboard



My Hours time reporting software gives time tracking context and meaning without complicating it.

The simple Economy report shows you the billable amount, cost and balance for the specified time period. The report can be made even more useful by organizing the data with filters for projects, tasks, clients and team members.

My hours economy report, time reporting app


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How our time reporting app works

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Sign up and start your free 30-day trial. 


Create a specific project or task and assign team members accordingly.

Effortlessly track time, a single click starts or stops the timer.


Create a time report and analyse the tracked time. Your team’s maximum productivity can be achieved by organizing your time. Manage possible efficiency flaws with the knowledge gained from the time report. 

Export the time reports in Excel, CSV or PDF formats for further analysis. You can also send them directly to your clients via email and prove they are getting their money’s worth with you and your team.



Starting from US$ 6 / month per user






Dashboard Group time logs by task Filter reports by clients
Visually appealing overview of your time tracking. Base your reports on single or multiple tasks. Keep track of all activities with your clients.
Prepare reports based on different team members Date specific reports Cloud based
Find out how your team is managing its time. Generate a report for any time period that you deem important. No need for lengthy installations or software maintenance.
Designed for fastest insight Download your report in Excel/CSV Print in PDF
Don’t waste your time on confusing reports. Reports can be exported in either format. Export and print your reports for in one simple step.
Send reports via email Track from anywhere Easy to use
Quickly update your clients or team members by sending them your time reports via email. My Hours is available for Android and iOS devices. Simple and powerful, meant to track and report time.
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Satisfied customers 


Kristen W. – Executive Office

This service allows me to keep permanent detailed records, and my clients know they can ask for the information if they want to review how I spend my time.

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Miguel G. – Graphic Designer

My Hours offers amazing timer functionality for anything, really. Not just projects and tasks, but anything you need to keep tabs on time and effort spent. It is great with budgeting and their reporting functions are amazing.

rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon


Terri P. – Data Analysis

It’s easy to keep track of clients, and projects, and appreciate the report options. It helps me determine where and how much time I’m spending for each client – very helpful when billing. Always appreciate the prompt responses I receive when I have an issue or question.

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