Small is Big

May 2017

As promised in our 1st blog, we will not, at least not any time soon, try to accommodate large teams.

What do we mean by large? That is a bit hard to pinpoint, but we should say that My Hours has been designed for single teams with about 10 to 20 people. Less than 10 is perfectly fine, down to a single user. What about more than 20? Luckily, there is no hard limit and it is really up to you to explore. The only real limit is practical, the usability and manageability, and you are the judge.

Does “no large teams” mean that My Hours cannot be used in large organisations? By all means no! My Hours is perfectly suitable for organisations of any size, as long as they can be divided into teams, and in most cases, they can. The individual teams should be relatively small, and in most cases, they are. As a matter of fact, My Hours can be an excellent solution for large organisations seeking a simple, easy to deploy and affordable solution for tracking time on projects and tasks.

Even if you need separate teams to share common projects and tasks, there is a workaround. You just need to assign the same projects and tasks to each of the teams. Not a big deal if you have a relatively small and stable pool of common projects and tasks.

And what about consolidated reporting? Again, if shared projects and tasks are not changing too often, you can use exported Excel sheets and mash them together into a grand total super executive weekly (monthly?) report. Many large organisations fit into this scenario.

So, if you are coming from a large organisation, welcome. You may find that My Hours is perfectly suited for your needs!

The product guy